The Power of Positive Drinking (post #4 in my 30 in 30 challenge)

healthy drinks

I apologize to any of you who were expecting a post on the virtues of drinking alcohol – although, that might be a topic to consider in another post.  No, my friends, in this post I’m referring to mixing fruits and vegetables, not a gin and tonic (which, after a long day at the office, actually sounds pretty good right now).  A little while back, I wrote a post on smoothies.  I really noticed a difference when I started to make and drink them on a daily basis.  I got myself a good blender and started experimenting with all sorts of combinations.  I got into the habit of bringing my concoctions to work and drinking them in the morning, then filling up my empty cup with water to drink throughout the rest of the day.  I felt energized and healthy.  Then, life got kind of hectic and I had to go out of town a few times unexpectedly, and I got out of the smoothie groove.  I have noticed the difference.  I also noticed that when I got out of my smoothie routine, I also got out of my drinking water routine (per the Mayo Clinic, the Institute of Medicine states an adequate intake for men is roughly about 13 cups (3 liters) of total beverages a day. For women, that number is about 9 cups (2.2 liters) of total beverages a day.  I haven’t been anywhere close to that lately!).  Then, things snowballed and I got out of my exercise routine, as well.  All this from skipping my smoothies?!  I remember that when I was in my “taking good care of myself” mode, I wanted more and more healthy things and activities in my life – the positive power was flowing and multiplying.  But, the opposite happened when I got out of that routine.  So, I have fired up the blender once again and have started making my little frozen concoctions once more.  I still have to get back to the gym and back to the water fountain, but it’s a start.  Cheers, everyone!


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