Chemo Brain + Lupus Fog = I can’t remember a d*mn thing

So, I’m sitting in my Rheumatologist’s waiting room the other day watching a video they’re showing on Lupus.  One of the symptoms they highlighted was memory problems, otherwise known as Lupus Fog.  It’s experienced by many people who have Lupus, and can include difficulty concentrating, confusion and, what was that other thing? Oh yeah, memory problems. A-ha, I thought!  That’s probably what’s been going on with me – add in my Chemo Brain (memory loss from chemotherapy) and that explains why I can’t remember a thing these days.  At home, my kids and spouse have come to accept the fact that if they ask me to do something, there’s a good chance that I’ll say yes, then promptly forget.  My daughter has gone from exclaimimg, “really, Mommy?” when I forget to make her tea that she just asked me for, to saying, “I know what you’re probably going to say, but did you make my tea, Mommy – it’s ok if you forgot.”  At work, I’m constantly forgetting what task I’m in the middle of, especially if someone interrupts me.  I was making copies for a coworker who was doing a project for me – then my boss called me in her office to ask me something. After a few minutes, I returned to my coworker, who was sitting doing nothing. I said, “oh! you’re done already?” And, he said, “no! I’m waiting for the copies you’re making me.” Oh, right, the copies. 

I’ve come to laugh at my fogginess, but it can be frustrating and it certainly isn’t going to win me employee of the month.  So, when I finally got into the room to speak to my Rheumatologist, what did I do?  We were reviewing my symptoms and, guess what? Yup – I forgot to tell him about my memory issues.  Figures!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. 52milespermonth
    Dec 27, 2013 @ 20:45:24

    lupus fog has definitely taken it’s toll on my brain! I wish you health in 2013!


  2. 52milespermonth
    Dec 27, 2013 @ 20:45:48

    Or is it 2014… THAT WAS UNINTENTIONAL! Oh boy. Point made 🙂


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